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My Independence Day Turn up

Yesterday I decided to celebrate Independence in style. My friends told me there were some festivals happening on the Island, but my spirit was telling me to do Independence in grand style. I told hubby to take me to Shoprite because I wanted to buy Chicken but he refused saying I’ve used all his money in Shoprite & I should at least make an attempt to go to the market. Left with no other option I decided to take my two feet to the Market.

My experience at the market was an interesting one. My eyes were fed with so many different things. I found it funny how the girls could see I had just braided my hair & still asked me if I wanted to change my hair style. Another aunty was asking if I want to make Rihanna nails, another asked if I wanted to pierce my ears.

I got lost a few times in the market but eventually found the Chicken place, I picked the biggest one & priced from N1600 to N800. I paid for the chicken and called hubby to come & meet me and help carry the chicken because I cannot carry live chicken on the road. Confused he asked if they had killed it. I told him no, he then explained that they had to kill it & remove all the nonsense.

Oh well, we learn something new each day, I gave the aunty the chicken to kill it & she asked for another N200. I was asking God for forgiveness & praying for the Chicken as it was being slaughtered… Pele chicken

I decided to take my Independence Day celebration to the next level. I swallowed my fear & pride and called Okada man. Yes I entered Okada for the first time yesterday. It was a sweet experience…  I started off by praying in tongues not for fear that I would fall but fear of my braided wig falling.

I got home in one piece proud of myself I popped my collar and told the okada man to keep the change. I entered the house & prepared the chicken, made Efo Riro, Jollof Rice & Chicken stew. The Chicken was toooo sweet; the difference was clearly in the taste. You can’t compare Shoprite chicken to fresh market chicken o.

We had Jollof rice chicken and washed it down with cold Orijin. And that’s how I celebrated my independence day.

My level has changed, I’m no longer an Ajebutter but now an Ajepako, and I’m throwing away by Red passport. I’m now a full-fledged Nigerian.

I have an appointment today in Lekki; I’m contemplating ‘Okadaing’ the journey from Ikeja straight.


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