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I’m feeling overwhelmed with my wedding planning


The devil is really trying it, but he is not going to succeed! Last week it was my bridesmaid who dropped out because her spirit didn’t release her to become a bridesmaid. This week I found out that one uncle Sunday wanted to record my entire wedding on a camcorder. If I didn’t decide to dig deep and ask, I would have received VCD at the end of my wedding.

Last week the RCCG church we are using asked for a letter from my provincial Pastor before they can marry us. They tell us this when there’s 6 weeks to go. I don’t even know who my provincial Pastor is.

Today another uncle that categorically said with his own mouth that he will be taking care of all the drinks at the wedding, just called my dad to ask for deposit for the drinks.

Deposit ke? But Tunde you said you are taking care of all the drinks at the wedding, why are you now asking for deposit?  My Dad asked Uncle Tunde. According to Uncle Tunde, when he said he was sorting out all the drinks he meant he was looking for the best drinks suppliers not that he was going to pay for it.

I didn’t think I would ever admit it, BUT with 6 weeks to go I’m starting to feel overwhelmed and the midnight oil in my lamp is running low.  Hubby and I have been super organised and really chilled out in all our wedding planning. Even with the recent nonsense that has happened, I’ve been chilled; I’ve been keeping it in mind not to sweat the small stuff and focus on the bigger picture. But now I’m tired!!Right now I just can’t take making decisions anymore.

Thank God for hubby who suggested that we take a planning break to allow ourselves to find the joy in it again. We have been planning since November nonstop, with a partial wedding planner but most recently with a 20% wedding planner. It’s been stressful but I think a break will be needed just to get sanity and joy back into the process. Cause right now every little thing about the wedding is ticking me off!

Thanks to Uncle Tunde, we have to now look for a drinks supplier & drinks server – however hubby has suggested getting some boys from the hood to serve the drinks… not sure how I feel about that. Someone just text me asking if they can have 10 invitations… if I box you!!


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2 thoughts on “I’m feeling overwhelmed with my wedding planning

  1. Please take it easy. At the end of the day, everything will be ok. Even if people don’t eat or drink, they will still go and eat in their own homes. And if they abuse you that they didn’t eat at your wedding, the most important thing is that you’re married! I look back at my wedding, which was two weeks ago, and I wonder why I was stressing to the point of losing weight. People even brought food and drinks to share among their friends (apparently, this is common in Nigerian weddings). So my dear, breathe and enjoy the whole wedding experience.

    1. Aww congratulations!! & thank you for your advice, it means a lot especially from a recent bride… Thank you so much. I’ll try my best to take it easy…. I’ve got 6 weeks to go!!

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