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I have nothing planned for my bridal party photoshoot!

I just finished admiring other people’s wedding on Bella Naija and it suddenly occurred to me that I have nothing planned for my bridal party photoshoot. I’m talking about the part where your hair and makeup is done but you’re not in your dress yet, you are either in robes or some sort of uniformed outfit with the bridesmaids and you have a photoshoot.
How could I forget this? Please is this another headache I should carry on my head or this is something my chief bridesmaid should have sorted out…. sigh

Anyway thankfully for me, I was in the  middle of purchasing my wedding shoes so my online shopping basket was still open, I decided to search for the easiest and cheapest ( oh so I thought) option… SILK ROBES!!

I have 5 and a half bridesmaids ( one is still deciding if she wants to be part) , by the time I got to the checkout the total I got was not palatable to me so I had to apologetically drop the items and now I’m clueless as to what to do. I checked Amazon, Ebay, Ali Express all to no avail….

I’m looking for a cheaper alternative, all the inspiration I’m getting online is giving me headache, ahah im seeing bridesmaids in bathing suit with ‘Bride Squad’ written on it, or bridesmaids in diamante robes sipping champagne.

I think I like the option of mini chalkboards or placards stating where we met, but the issue is what should they wear? Maybe I will tell everyone to where white bra and pant, we can be uniformed and take picture like that just suck in belle, I see the oyinbos do it all the time.

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2 thoughts on “I have nothing planned for my bridal party photoshoot!

  1. So, I was wondering what’s the etiquitte for transportation during a wedding? I was thinking about renting a vintage car for me and the groom to get to and leave from the reception, is it rude to have our 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen to use their own transportation? Or should I be renting a limo that can fit the bridal party plus us two? Or should I rent a vintage car AND a limo for them? But then how would they get back to the cars by the church, they’d be drunk by the end of the reception. Confusing!

    1. It all depends on your budget and what works best for you. Luckily for me, family members gave up their fancy cars for me and hubby to use and another for the bridesmaids to use. I do recall however that the groomsmen sorted their own transportation out and they didn’t mind at all. If you do rent transportation for your bridal party think about the end of the day when the wedding is done, how would they get home? Surely the limo wouldn’t wait all the way to the end of the day and drop them off home. Hope this helps

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