London To Lagos

I finally made it to Nigeria and I have been called FAT



Hey dolls, Sorry I have been MIA, I finally made it to Nigeria yaay!!! It was a long 10 hour connecting flight with Royal Air Maroc but thank God we all made it safely. Since my arrival I have been really busy back to back trying to settle in, finding internet, greeting family, going for events and meeting with some of my wedding vendors, it’s been hectic but crazy cool.

So after much research and talking to people I decided to go for Spectranet, so far so good let’s see how long this will last for I’m hoping there won’t be any need to change service providers. I thought the price of the modem was reasonable (20k) compared to what other service providers were quoting (25k and above)

The weather in Lagos isn’t too hot which isn’t bad it’s been breezy and a bit rainy, oh and NEPA welcomed me with stable light since Friday till now, so I’m all smiles here.

But hang on, what it is with Nigerians greeting you with ‘Wow you have now become fat’!!!! First and foremost I am not fat; I’m a size 8-10 so why on earth do you feel its okay to refer to someone as fat. Every family member I have greeted has either said I’m chubby, I’m now fat or I have chopped up.

I saw good old Uncle Tunde yesterday….lol he said I have eaten all the burger in America….. I don’t live in America; he knows I don’t live in America so I don’t know what he is talking about. He then went on to ask if i want to buy Chinese slimming tea from him! Greeting someone with ‘ wow you are now fat’ is such a rude and bizarre statement, imagine if the person had really low self-esteem and was battling with their weight, hearing that comment will just send them into depression mode.


Today I’m going for my last fitting for my wedding dress; I will shame all my haters and show them I haven’t added weight. I’m also going with my mum and partial planner to surprise aunty decorator at her office, she can run but can’t hide.

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