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When Your Husband Adds Marriage Weight

My husband has added weight o and I love it ha-ha

I’m reminded of the Nigerian belief that if your husband doesn’t add weight after he gets married, the wife is either not looking after him or he is broke. If your husband loses weight, even for health reasons people will blame you and what can only be terrible cooking.  Ha-ha I have put them to shame.


I know for sure Hubby is eating much better, no more Indomie & Star. Now he has 3 correct square meals. We went to his tailor to sew some things; the tailor already had his measurement but decided to measure again to check if it’s still okay. The tailor told him that in the space of 2 months when he last sewed something, he had really ‘chopped up’ and thanked me for looking after him, I was just grinning from ear to ear.

What makes a man add weight after he gets married? I guess he finally has rest of mind that a part of his life is secured. He has little or no chores to do anymore. His relaxation increases as now he has someone to keep him company.

Even the bible says it ” he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtaineth favour in sight of God”. Imagine the boredom of going out for a plate of soup and the joy of having the pot of soup at home. All things being equal, why won’t the man put up some weight…?

When they say getting married weighs you down, they may just be right. I don’t mind him adding a few pounds so they can see the handiwork of a woman in his life. But when I notice that it’s getting to the overweight side then we have to get something done. Hubby won’t even allow it he wants to remain slim till eternity.

Some years ago, a survey found that wives deliberately over-fed their husbands in order to make them less attractive to other women. Are you that type of woman?

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