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How’s Wedding Planning Going?


Everyone asks me this question, “so how’s wedding planning going” the question puzzles me. The question is a conversation starter, just as common as how are you?  I know most people are just asking to be nice; they’re trying to be kind. But do people really care or are they genuinely interested?

Recently I was curious to find out what people actually meant by that question, so I decided that I would give a shocking answer to the next person that asks me that question.

That next person just happened to be my uncle in Nigeria. Last week my uncle asked me the question, how’s wedding planning going, he didn’t stop there; he went further to say ‘if you need anything let me know’. Haha he didn’t know he had dug his own pit, he had given me ammunition. I said ahh Uncle, wedding planning is stressful and I’m low on funds I need about N500, 000.

I was shocked with uncles positive response, he told me to call him in three days’ time, I decided to call him four days after so I wouldn’t come across as desperate.

Four days ago was ten days ago, he hasn’t picked my call. I text him on day 6 to say I had been calling him, he responded telling me he was out of the country. I was confused because his recent Facebook picture (uploaded that morning) had the location of Lagos Nigeria. I just finished calling him again, the line rung repeatedly sigh….

Please if you don’t want to know how my wedding planning is going then don’t ask me thanks in advance.

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