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How to outshine the bride at her wedding 


When you’re planning on attending a wedding, it’s normal that you’re going to want to put your best foot forward. You plan your outfit, you plan your hairstyle, you plan your shoes and bag, and you even call your MUA and book a slot in advance (yes people do this).

There are many reasons why ladies go all out when it comes to dressing up for a wedding. You may be single and searching and feel a wedding is where you want to market yourself well. Or you may want to keep your fans updated on social media with your  styles and be crowned the #slayqueen, or you may even want to be featured on #AsoEbiBella, or you may just effortlessly  have swag running through your blood #iwokeuplikethis

Whatever category you fall into, please, biko I’m begging you have the fear of God in you and don’t try to upstage and outshine the bride.

I saw a wedding on Instagram over the weekend in Lagos and i was wowwwwed by what the bridesmaids wore, then I saw what guests were wearing and I was double wowwwwed. I even saw one guest wearing a dress with a train… haba wait for your own wedding now!

I was waiting for pics of the bride, after all the photographer was giving us serious teasers and doing live Instagram story where they do that thing when they arrange shoes and jewellery in a systematic way, I thought to myself…. Omo this is going to be one badass bride, she is going to slay haaaaarddddd. First the bridesmaids shut down, then the guests are shutting down, I’m sure we are in for a treat when the bride is revealed.

Two hours later and I was still waiting for the big reveal, finally pictures emerged….. The first adjectives that came to mind were dry, basic, plain Jane, simple, simple, simple! I was not impressed with her wedding dress and even her reception dress.

After digesting the disappointment I started to think to myself “did I feel let down by what the bride wore because of what I saw the guests and bridesmaids wear?”

I started to feel sorry for the bride and couldn’t help but imagine the amount of pressure she must have felt before the wedding. Did she feel like her guests looked better than her? If she could change her dress again would she do so? Or maybe she wasn’t even bothered.

I recently heard a story about one babe who was getting married and decided to invite ‘awon big girls’ awon ‘society babes ’to her wedding.

Now of course you know these guests are not here to joke about, they are coming to slayyyyyyy. These are the kind of guests that will upload a picture on the gram with captions along the lines of ‘Thanks to my glamsquad #FaceBeatByFacesByLabisi dress by #TojuFoyeh hair by #ChiomaGoodHair’

Anyway back to the story, so it later dawned on this bride that her original evening dress was not up to par and she may be outshined by her guest. That’s how she went to order dress from one popular Dubai based couture dress maker….. This was in 2015 she borrowed a loan to pay for it, my dear she still dey pay for the dress up till now.

Ladies please if you know what you plan to wear may steal the shine of the bride, please humble yourself and change. It’s her day let her shine. Don’t use their wedding day hashtag on your picture when you know millions of blogs have reposted your picture. Now making it hard for us to see pics of the actual bride on her day.

I know guests want to look good, but don’t overdo it. Elaborate outfits, high slits, cleavage all out there, can we calm down please?  Put the bride into consideration, you don’t want to give her unnecessary pressure to go to the highest mountains to make sure she is winning on her day.

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