How to motivate your husband: (Marriage advice) by Myles Munroe


Ladies get in here!! Knowledge as they say is power!!

Hmm, the whole glitz and glam, 10,000 Instagram likes on your wedding pictures will not teach you how to have a successful marriage. Wisdom, knowledge, patience and above all GOD is the best formula!

I may be living in fantasyland, but I strongly believe that Marriage is not hard. If you marry the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time and with GOD by your side…. Marriage is a beautiful thing. Too many marriages are collapsing because we focus on the wrong thing; we are not maintaining the qualities and standards that attracted us to our spouse prior to marriage.

I listened to this short message by the late Myles Munroe, and I had to share with my ladies. It’s such a great message, it’s really sad that he’s gone but lives are still touched today by his insightful messages.


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