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How to deal with Your In-Laws

Your in-laws are a crucial part of your spouse’s life. This makes them a crucial part of your life as well. But how do you deal with them when they start acting crazy?

I have heard a lot of stories of mother in laws messing up their children’s marriage for different reasons. Most common reason is when a child doesn’t marry who the mother would like them to marry. Some MIL’s are set to destroy their child’s marriage from the moment they set their eyes on the fiancé /fiancée.

How do you deal with a MIL who comes to spend some time at your house and starts criticising the way you cook, how you spend & generally how you live your life? I have a friend whose MIL came round to stay with her and her husband; anytime she cooks a pot of stew, she likes for it to be really assorted. One day the mother straight up told my friend that she can see why her son no longer sends her money, all the money is going into the pot of stew.

Apart from knowing how to deal with our In-law, we too must know how to behave from the word go. It’s very important to start as you mean to go on & don’t pretend. If you know you can’t continue cleaning your MIL house every time you go there, then don’t start at all. If you know you won’t have time to be calling her every day, then don’t start at all. You cannot sustain pretence.

Also you must have a solid front with your spouse – you and your spouse must be united & be ready to defend yourselves in front of your family members.

Most importantly, what you cannot do to your own biological mother, don’t do it to your MIL

It’s a common myth that dealing with your in-laws is a nightmare, especially when you are a woman. So ladies, let discuss because some people may need to know – personal or borrowed experiences will be appreciated, as well as tips on how to handle difficult situations.

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