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How to deal with LDR’s



Hello Brides to be!

I’ve been in a LDR (long distance relationship) with bae for about 4 months now. Yeah I know I’m a JJC (Johnny just come) to the club. Bae lives in Lagos and I’m in London, honestly when people tell me they’ve been in a 3 year LDR, all I can do is throw salute because omo this tin no easy ooo abeg!

I thought I should share some things I have learnt so far, and if anyone has more tips to share please feel free to.

  • Be sure there is trust in the relationship.The main fruit of keeping a long distance relationship is trust; you have to be able to trust your partner. It’s difficult to do that because you don’t really know what goes on on the other side.
  • Have patience.You signed up for this you need to wait. Try not to stress out so much, this is something I really need to work on, especially with the whole network situation in Nigeria. Sometimes the line can cut at least twenty times during the course of our conversation… talk about frustration.Another important key, where possible communicate daily by email text or chat. Discuss interesting topics. Keep the discussion healthy. Forget the world and the problems. Show it to each other that the long distance is working for you.
  • Be understanding especially in writing.It’s easy to misinterpret things during a course of a conversation. Take time to understand what your partner is saying. As wrong as it may sound you may just conclude something that you will lose out on. Keep calm. Bae has told me a few times that I can come across harshly when I’m typing… most times that isn’t the case.
  • Most importantly….  Don’t listen to rumours, trust in your own judgement. Everyone’s story is different, what works for A may not necessarily work for B. Make sure you pray pray pray.

My whole life i have avoided LDR’s, I’ve always said its not my portion i cannot do it, i must see my man everyday, i cant trust etc etc.

My God does have a funny sense of humour… hmmm ride on JC!

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  1. I’ve been in a long distance relationship my whole life, it’s hard to do but if the two parties are determined to make it work, it sure will. At a point, my fiancé was in Cairo, then to Europe and now Nigeria while I’m in the far away America. It’s not easy but it’s working for us.

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