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Home purchases for a new house in another country


Budget, budget, budget. …As well as having a wedding budget we also have a budget for house shopping, In addition to that I have a separate budget for myself. As I’m relocating there are some essentials ill need to buy like clothes, my favourite snacks, toiletries etc etc.

I went to Ikea to get a few bits and pieces for the house in Nigeria; luckily for us hubby already has a place so I’m literally just moving in.

I was video calling hubs whilst I was in Ikea so we could pick out a few things together (the joy of long distance relationships) I picked up cutlery set, he said he already had some cutlery, I picked up duvet covers and bed coverings, he said he already had bed covers. I picked up wall decorations he said no need he already has, I picked up rugs and as he was about to say he already has, I just interrupted him….Ahhh Mr Husband, you have this you have that so why am I in the store doing house shopping?

I had to remind him that this new stage in his life (marriage) is a new leaf, meaning the old will pass away and will become new, in essence whatever he currently has I will not be inheriting it and we should start our new life with everything BRAND new. After we agreed and got that out the way I continued picking things up and he just kept saying yes, yes, and yes lol!

Here is a list of some things I picked up in Ikea and all under £100 you can see the rest in the video below

  • Cutlery set
  • House decoration
  • New rugs/ mats
  • Pillows and sofa throws
  • Bathroom tidy / mats
  • Kitchen tidy
  • Cleaning products/ appliances
  • Door hooks

I didn’t want to overdo it because no matter how much we put ‘MONETARY GIFTS ONLY’ on the invitation cards, some guests will still want to gift us with household goods. Also it’s not like I can carry so many things from here to Nigeria, and I’m trying my best not to spend so much money on cargo and shipping my stuff.

The heavy duty stuff like, Oven, Fridge/ Freezer, Sound system etc. can all be purchased in Nigeria … after all they say Buy Nigeria!

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