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Would You Hire A Professional Bridesmaid?

hire a bridesmaid

After ranting to my partial wedding planner about the girl who didn’t get the thumbs up from the spirit world to be my bridesmaid, she said I shouldn’t stress we could always hire a bridesmaid.

Hire a what?????

She explained to me that the concept of hiring a bridesmaid is very popular and everyone does it. All these sophisticated Omo Baba Olowo brides usually do it because most of their friends cannot afford the extortionate budget. So they hire professional bridesmaids instead and their friends will be in aso ebi doing ‘friends of the bride’

She really justified reasons to have a stranger as your bridesmaid, she told me it was a common practise and didn’t understand why my mouth was open when she was telling me (I didn’t realise my mouth was open on Skype, I guess it was the shock) She gave examples like: falling out with your friends, your girls living too far away, uneven numbers on the altar and your current bridesmaids not pulling their weight (my current situation)

After trying to convince me to go ahead with this, she then gave me the details of a professional bridesmaid in Nigeria who makes money by helping women pull off their big days.  Apparently she is so good and acts the role well, one would think she was the MOH or bride’s sister.

I wanted to know if this was real and, if it was real, how much did it cost. I entertained the conversation more even though I knew this was not an option I was going to take. The babe she referred to me doesn’t have an online presence so how is one meant to see what she looks like, she goes by the name Calista and lives in Abuja , she is  also willing to travel… that’s all I know about her, oh and she charges N500,000

After my skype call, I decided to google ‘ Hire a bridesmaid’ and  was surprised to find out that this is actually a popular service.  Like you can put this stuff on your CV.

The concept of renting a bridesmaid seems really bizarre to me, like I can’t get my head round it. I guess the craze of hiring professional wedding party participants depends on the induvial.

For if you decide to hire a wedding party member you must have answered this question… What are you willing to do to look good in front of other people?

As for me, no Calista is on my bridal train.

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