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HELP!!! My MOH Is Pregnant!


I’m hoping for some guidance with a little something I am dealing with.

I just found out (two days ago) that my MOH is 2 months pregnant, yay for her! So that means she will be 9 months gone on our wedding date. Has anyone had experience with a pregnant BM/ MOH?

The chances of her not attending the wedding are very very high, infact higher than high, higher than the mountain top.

She says she can still make it but honestly I doubt it, her due date is 2 weeks after the wedding, and she will need to fly from London to Lagos to which I believe her doctor will not give her the all clear.

I am just asking if anyone has had a pregnant MOH, were they still as attentive and helpful as you hoped for?

I most definitely still want her to be at the wedding and be the MOH, even if she will just wear the dress and come and sit down and look pretty.
Obviously I’m happy for her, it’s kind of a bitter sweet experience for me at the moment as I have no one to replace her and I really want her there she is like the sister I never had *sobs*. Who will hold my dress, say a speech, and keep me sane mentally, physically and spiritually?!?

Am I being selfish??

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  1. talking for a medical professionals point of view, no Doctor would let her travel after 30weeks.
    And Weddings are stressful, its not even advisable for her.

    1. The medicals have spoken 🙌🏿 I stand corrected, I’ve accepted that she may not be around. Her safety and baby’s safety is more important

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