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Taye Taylor Made My Wedding Dress And I Love It

Hello somebody, my wedding dress is ready oooo! I finally got to pick up my wedding dress from Taye Taylor today (well not me, my wedding planner did) and I’m so in love with it, Oh My God its soooo gorgeous and everything I envisioned. Although I haven’t seen the finished look with my naked eye, I have been sent pictures and it’s an amazing wedding dress , and you know what they always say about pictures not doing justice.

I had one dress fitting a few months back when I was in Nigeria and I got to see the nearly finished wedding dress which still looked beautiful in its incomplete state. Now that the dress is done, I have to force myself to lay of the digestive chocolate biscuit because I cannot add weight.

I would recommend Taye Taylor any day anytime, she works with what you want and brings your dreams to life, did I mention she actually hand stitches any lace appliqué and pearls to the wedding dress. I don’t even know what I love most, the wedding dress or the veil…. Kai! In an earlier review post, I said I would recommend my wedding dress maker, however I didn’t lay emphasis on who was making my dress. Now i’m screaming it from the roof top  its TAYE TAYLOR!

Now that the dress is ready, I need to do the following:

  • Shop for my Undergarments ( i probably should have done this a while ago)
  • Choose my hair accessories
  • Select my shoes

Sorrrryyyyyy I’m not going to reveal the dress until the day of the wedding, but I’ll give you a hint… It’s a ball gown dress.

What kind of dress do you want/have?



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