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I guess Halloween in Nigeria is a No No


Over the weekend I randomly called my aunty just to greet her. We jisted for a while and told me she wanted to come & greet me & hubby on Saturday. She asked if we were home and I told her we had two weddings to attend & a friend invited us to a fancy dress Halloween party.

Hallo what she asked, Halloween ma, she responded ‘Oh you mean hallelujah party? Has Nathaniel Bassey started that challenge again?’

At this point I didn’t know whether to play along with the hallelujah party she suggested or just tell her the truth. I repeated fancy dress Halloween party ma.

She said blood of Jesus Bukola you want to frolic with demons. I explained to her that it was a fancy dress party & I was actually dressing up as Wonder Woman. But she was having none of what I was saying.

She was going on & on & on, asking if I’m sure I have accepted Christ as my lord & saviour & how ‘WE’ don’t do things like this in Nigeria. All I heard was the MTN voice say ‘1 minute remaining’ & the phone cut.

She called me back asking if I cut the phone and I explained that my credit finished, she said the devil is trying to keep her quiet but she will talk.

She ended by saying she will be coming round the next day to see me. The next day she truly came and she came bearing gifts. Anointing oil & Holy water.

I received her gifts & in turn showed her the party flyer on my phone. I showed her my wonder woman outfit as well to assure her that it was nothing demonic but she morphed into Patience Ozokwor and asked me to revaluate my walk with Christ.

She ended by saying there’s a vigil on Saturday night she is inviting me for & she’s coming to pick me up by 8pm. Watch out for Part 2 because my wonder woman outfit cannot waste, Its either I go to the party or  I wear Wonder woman to the vigil!


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