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Couple rack up huge debt after wedding

It’s safe to say that weddings are vastly different today than it was for previous generations.

I heard a story yesterday that made me shake.  A couple got married last summer. They had an amazing wedding; it was the talk of the town everything was on point.  No one knew that in addition to them spending their life savings, they also borrowed a huge amount from friends & the bank to pay for the wedding.

A few months after the wedding things started to get tuff, they couldn’t keep up with repayments, and to cut a long story short, the woman left the guy & the guy moved back to his parents’ house.

Our generation just doesn’t get it, why please people for few hours and wipe out your life savings only to start from page one again? You have satisfied everyone’s tummy, and satisfied your insecurities with a couple of likes on Instagram, but your bank account is reading minus and you are home chopping bread and anointing oil.

Many brides and grooms need to focus on their vision and on what really matters to them. In today’s era with myriads of social media platforms it’s easy to get carried away with different ideas, inspiration, and suggestions. What happened to the days where, weddings were a unique, memorable experience that reflected the couple’s personalities, and not similar versions of celebrations that were published on social media?

Do you know the average cost of a wedding in 2017 was $32,641, according to CNN. Take a second and think about what you could do with $32,000.

Instead of going overboard on wedding expenses, the easiest way to avoid spending too much on your wedding is to budget appropriately and focus on everything else you want to accomplish in life.

Align your spending with your values, so you have money left to spend on the things that are important to you and your partner when you start your new life together.  Your wedding doesn’t need to reflect “society’s standards” only your standard.

The important thing is that you stick to your values and enjoy your day in a way that doesn’t burden your new start together,  and forget about the idea that you “have” to impress people

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