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The colour scheme is Ribena Purple and Champagne Gold


Last year my cousin got married in Nigeria and the colour scheme written on the invitation was Ribena Purple and Champagne Gold. I found this really hilarious, I actually couldn’t stop laughing and wondering what the heck is going on.

But if not for God’s infinite mercy, somebody would be laughing at me right now. I was going through the invitation for my wedding and I scrolled down to the colour scheme part, that’s how I saw Brides Family: Custard Yellow & Fuchsia Purple. Grooms Family: Coffee Brown & Baby Girl pink (I swear I’m not making this up) I told my mum that we have to go back to the drawing board because the colour description is not cutting it. She told me that that’s how things are done now a days because you don’t want people to wear different shades of one colour, in her words “Uniformity is Sexy”

I don’t understand this concept of referring to colours with funny names, where they do that at? These days you get to hear funny colour combinations at Nigerian weddings, cockroach brown, leaf green…. please this has to stop o

Anyway, after a lot of back and forth we have changed Custard yellow & Fuchsia Purple to Yellow and Purple and Coffee Brown & Baby Girl Pink to Brown & Pink.

Baby Girl Pink tho????  Really….LOL!!!!

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2 thoughts on “The colour scheme is Ribena Purple and Champagne Gold

  1. Hi TNBO! Your blog is a great resource; thanks for it! I have many questions about this topic of colours:

    Do the bride and groom’s side have to have different colours?
    How do the colours of the day relate to the decor of the day? For example, if you say that the groom’s side will wear brown and pink, and the bride’s side yellow and purple, what will the decor of the hall be?

    Is there a colour scheme for the traditional wedding? Is the colour scheme needed for what you and hubby will wear or for the decor? Should the two match—I mean should what you and hubby wear for the trad match the trad decor?

    Thanks for clearing this up!

    1. Hey Lami, thanks for dropping by and thanks for your lovely comments & questions. I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability because I’m a newbie in this myself but I’ll use myself as an example.

      For my trad wedding ny side and hubby’s side chose 2 diff colours to wear but it still correlated. We chose white & orange, they chose white & yellow. Some families prefer to wear the same colour on both sides, I guess it just depends on the individuals involved.

      For our traditional decoration we decided to go for red & yellow ( a fusion of both sides) what me & hubby wore was gold & silver. So basically all the colours for that day from clothes to decor was synergised.

      Now for my white wedding coming up we sort of did things a lil diff…. my side chose purple & gold because I really love those colours while my hubbys side are wearing blue & pink. But because our side is planning the majority of the wedding ( Yoruba tradition) we really just went ahead with picking our decoration colours ( purple & gold) without consulting hubbys side.

      Everyone does it differently, some families prefer to be colour united from top to bottom, nothing wrong with that.

      Hope I was able to be a little useful 😊

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