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Pre Wedding Photo Shoots

I’ve seen so many funny pre wedding photos; I have also seen some pre wedding trailers that looked like the next Hollywood movie to hit the big screen.

Two things cross my mind when I see these pictures, firstly where do these people get their creativity from? Secondly who are the guys behind the camera allowing this to happen (especially the funny ones?)


Funny nigerian pre wedding pictures
When they take photoshoots to the next level. Whats the meaning of this?

My husband and I had a pre wedding shoot and we were done within an hour, we had 2 outfit changes a cheesy his and her t-shirt and another checked shirt. No dinner gown, no cinematography, no dramatics. Just easy going straight to the point.  The outfit hubby & I used collectively came up to about £35 and the pictures came out badass

My friend had a photoshoot and she had 10 outfit changes, she spent £600 on outfits and her boo spent £750. I took particular interest in her story cause I know they don’t have fantastic jobs and are barley getting by so how did they afford to buy these outfits? Simple she said ‘Buy on credit card, don’t remove the label, keep the receipt, and make sure you don’t mess up the clothes because after the shoot you are returning back to the store to get your refund.

Why go through all this stress because of photoshoot I asked her, she said she wants to slay and Bella Naija must carry her wedding on their blog. My dear it’s not a photo shoot…..


I like the trailer below though, although it looks expensive. I love it maybe its the spiritual stuvs ….


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