From Bride To Wife


Preparing for a wedding is often so exciting and hectic that when everything suddenly stops, one may feel a sense of emptiness and loss. To me it is never about the wedding day, the whole point is to become and stay happily married, for me that’s the aim, that’s the goal not a fancy wedding day. Marriage is not the constant excitement involved with the planning of a wedding… NO! Marriage are two individuals who have decided they love each other so deeply that they desire to become one.

A lot of people focus too much time on developing their wedding; they don’t spend enough time developing themselves. They get side tracked and distracted that they forget that after the few hours of the wedding day, there’s a lifetime to spend with just you and your spouse.

I have friends who couldn’t stand the sight of their husband barely a week after getting married. I always wonder how someone you once loved and couldn’t live without can easily and suddenly become a thorn in your flesh…. How does that happen?

My pondering led me to create this segment on the blog called ‘From Bride to Wife’. This segment is going to be a contributing one from newlyweds and couples who have been married for much longer. Advice, tips, experiences are going to be shared with people like us who are soon to be married of course every marriage is different but why not get some expo from the veterans and couples that have been doing this for some time.

They say marriage is the only institution where you get a certificate before you begin the course…..

Ladies I present to you ‘From Bride to Wife’

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