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from bride to wife marriage advice

Im dancing Shoki right now because I have another post to share from another lovely wife.

I saw a post today on twitter that got me seriously thinking: ‘Many prepare & plan for the wedding; Many fail to plan and prepare for the marriage. The latter is a lifetime; the former is an event…


That brings me to today’s guest post. Get ready to get  some valuable advice from Mrs Yinka of Sissyonigele. I recently asked her if she could give some counsel on the following topics that seem to cause most of the issues in marriages. Here is her take below:

  • Money
  • Saving
  • Sex
  • Submission
  • In laws
  • Boundaries
  • House Chores
  • Men’s ego

Marriages are indeed an institution where you get to do practicals before actually going through the practicals. Lol what do I mean by this, basically you do your practicals (i.e. you showcase and display all what you know, all that you’ve learnt from your mum. In order to show and confirm that you were brought up well.The teachings of our mothers and aunties always pay off. I’ve learnt that when you take all the advice on board, coupled with wisdom, you won’t have ‘problem’. Let me rephrase, I don’t mean problems won’t show face but believe me, it would be minimal.

I want to share my take on some points, let’s get straight into it!

Money:  When it comes to Money, couples need to work as a team when it comes to finances. There is no I when it comes to money, what’s yours is mine and vice versa. Your attitude to how money is handled is also very important.

Submission: The Bible says wives must submit to her husband.  This bible passage never leaves my mum’s mouth she hammers on it every time we talk on phone. Women need to understand that submission does not mean you’re a slave or in bondage, it’s a powerful woman who submits…

Sex: I won’t talk about this much but hmmm, Sex keeps marriage, it brings you two closer.

In-law: As for In- Laws,  they can either help or hurt your marriage if one gives them the opportunity to, just do what’s right I.e. respect them that’s all, if you do that they will also respect and never go beyond their boundaries.

House chores: arrgh! House work is not a simple thing for only the wife to do. She cannot do this alone, it is tasking. I thank God that my husband   helps me with this, especially when I was pregnant. We have an understanding about house chores and we are cool.

Man’s ego: Let me tell you something, Men have ego but guess what, if you are smart you will always win. Maybe women don’t know that we are actually the head of the house. We aid our men, they are the head Yes, but we are the neck and without the neck the head cannot stay in place.

Lest I forget GOD is important in every home… Put him first, God will always give you wisdom on how to handle issues as they come.

Olayinka is the lovely and beautiful  CEO of the bespoke and glamorous company ‘  Sissyonigele’ which specialises in  Engagement aso oke * Asoebi gele, fila * Sego gele. Click here for more info

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