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First comes marriage…Then comes baby

Congratulatory phone calls and text messages are still coming in. However, I noticed a pattern. The closing line of these calls and texts would often be, in 9 months’ time we will come and eat Jollof rice o.

We had some guests come round last week, and they prayed for us before they left. The person leading the prayer went on to say that in 9 months’ time,  we will have twin girls, and 9 months after that we will have a baby boy  because that’s what SHE wants for us. …. Osheyy mama, when people become your family planner without your knowledge.

Big mummy Jos sent a message this morning saying ‘is anything in there yet, i think say by now your body go don dey change’ ’ If I put 2 and 2 together I’m sure she’s asking if there is a baby in the making?

I joked with a family member that we want to travel the world and catch cool fun before a baby comes. She said we can still travel the world within 9 months but child must be here in the next 8 months and 1 week. She went on to ask me a question and give me a piece of advice: What if you lose your ability to procreate in the next two years, you don’t know that you are nearly 30 and a woman’s biological clock is ticking?

She later went on to say: there is a target line that we must meet in our family, in terms of our age ratio to the age of our children there cannot be more than a 30 year gap. I told her to cool down for Jesus, all what she was saying wasn’t making sense to me. After all I believe God has it all under control and when the time is right, a baby will come.

It’s only been 3 weeks, can my uterus and ovaries breath. Dem no go give u time enjoy your marriage before pikin pressure.  Some people think marriage is only for child bearing.



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2 thoughts on “First comes marriage…Then comes baby

  1. I am so tired of hearing that…
    They won’t let someone breathe, what if we are not ready? It’s almost five months so the experience gets worse everyday. Just tell someone you have a headache and the first thing they look at is your stomach…how do they relate abeg?

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