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First Christmas as Husband & Wife!

Christmas 2017 is going to be my first  as a wife. We put up our tree yesterday which was fun doing it with hubby. He enjoys participating in ‘Turn Up’ so he is really getting into the Christmas spirit which is what I like.

Prior to getting married, hubby never had a tree or decorates his house so this was really a nice experience for both of us to share together.

When I was still at home with my parents I was the Minister of Social events & entertainment. For xmas I was in charge of the menu, decorations & games. I do miss that role, so now I’m thinking about how I can maintain that position & what we can do together to have a memorable first Christmas.

Apart from it being my first Christmas as a wife, it will also be my first in Lagos Nigeria. I’m looking forward to the festive period; I hear it’s not like England where everyone is indoors. Here in Nigeria apparently there is a lot of visiting and one could possibly end up on the beach having a beach party.

I keep forgetting it’s the festive period simply because of the weather here, 31 degrees!  I’m used to grey skies, cold weather, snow &  carollers ushering in Christmas. Here it seems everyone is concerned about the food they are going to eat & drink they will shack that day. I asked hubby if they do Christmas carol service in his church, his response – Abeg, who Christmas carol epp?

I’ve already got hubby’s gift & he has mine, I know for sure it will be something he likes, he has always wanted it & I can’t wait to see his face when he opens up the present.

I’m so excited to spend this time with him as a wife, starting OUR family traditions…. I just don’t know what they will be yet though!


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