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Festus the unreliable Tailor

A tailor came highly recommended by a friend. ‘Ahhh Festus the tailor, he is very good’ ‘He will sew you something that looks like its 1 million but will cost you 5k only.’

I had a budget & since this was my first time using him I wanted to test him out with only two outfits.  I had my plan of what I wanted. Two very simple no stress midi dresses. As I was handing over the cloth to Festus the tailor I remember asking him several times that ‘please sa, are you sure you’ll be able to do this for me on TIME?’ He answered me saying he could do it, that he was more than capable! I gave him my material and styles and told him I would need it in bout 10 days. No problem ma you will get it in 5 days. Impressed I said ok.

1 week past I didn’t hear anything from him, I would call he wouldn’t pick, week 2 past same thing happened, week 3 nothing from him. It was not until week 4 that I called him with an unknown number that he picked up. Festus where are my clothes you promised I will receive in 5 days, this is four weeks after?

He said he had to travel to the village as his mam was ill & in fact he was in the bus on his way back to Lagos now now and he would deliver my clothes by weekend.

He came to deliver my clothes a few days after and I was surprised with what I received.

I asked Festus for two outfit’s pere! He came with 6 outfits. He began to tell me how he managed to get tops & skirts out of the material after sewing what I requested.

I smiled and said thanks for the complimentary free outfits. Festus told me it wasn’t free & I would have to add something to the bill!

I don’t think so Mr Man; I’m not paying for what I didn’t ask for. Take it back & sell it. Does he really expect me to pay for something I didn’t ask for?

What is really up with tailors in Nigeria? All I know is that I will not be using Festus again


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