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Fairytale Wedding Planning Versus Real Life Wedding Planning


I was going through my notes on my phone and found a wedding planning note I wrote last year September before I got engaged.

Don’t laugh, every girl secretly has a collection of photos or notes on her phone on how she wants her wedding day to go, it’s not just me right? Don’t leave me hanging.

When we first got engaged I went into wedding planning overdrive trying to source the Instagram celeb vendors, I had pictures of Jimmy Choo shoes, Vera Wang dresses, Sophia Webster shoes, personalised Cîroc & coke bottles saved on my phone, me that I don’t own common designer bag, where did I think I was going to get money for all that stuff from.  There’s no doubt that I created a wedding as glorious as the ones I’d been seeing online in my head. God bless my hubby, he brought me back to earth pretty quickly and reminded me that there is no money tree in his back garden he doesn’t even have garden self, neither are we from wealthy backgrounds. That’s how my fairy tale wedding planning was crushed by our reality.

wedding planning

When I was reading my notes I was just laughing at myself. I guess a girl can wish & dream, nothing is impossible with God. I was probably in lala land when I wrote these things down. 10 months after writing these notes I’m not ashamed to admit that I only wrote those things down to make my wedding something that will trend online. That was my goal, I certainly got utterly caught up in the wonderful world of weddings that I’ve had to curtail much extravagant idea and remind myself that, there is life after the wedding.

If I carried on with the plans in my notes, I probably would have been forced to take out a loan by now.

I think every bride/couple has to take moments throughout the planning process to sit back and make sure they are still planning the day they want….that both of them realistically want, and not let magazines, blogs and Instagram persuade them otherwise.


wedding planning

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