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My experience with a Makeup studio

I have a wedding this weekend, it’s a family wedding so I decided to go all out & get my face beat & tie my gele professionally. I decided to check out a makeup studio not far from my house to see if she had space for me on Saturday & also check out her work.

I got there & introduced myself & explained to her what I needed. She said it wasn’t a problem she would be able to beat my face on Saturday. I asked her how much it cost & she started waffling, she couldn’t give me a straight answer. I had to ask her if she owned the shop or she was the shop assistant.

She replied back sharply that she was the owner of the store; I just couldn’t comprehend why on earth she couldn’t give me a straight answer. Another 5 seconds passed and she was still waffling & then she came out with N3, 000 (approx. £7) I was like oh okay, that’s a decent price.

I went on to ask to see pictures of her work as I noticed there were no images up in the studio which baffled me. Reluctantly she pulled out her phone & began to do whatever it was she was doing. Again this took her a while to do.

Now picture this, I was standing in front of the mirror while she was backing the mirror, so from the mirror I could see exactly what she was doing on her phone. She went into Instagram searched makeup artists name & looked for pictures; she saved to her phone and was cropping their logo off. I didn’t say anything, A whole 7 minutes passed but I wasnt in a hurry because I wanted to hear this one.

When she was done stealing peoples images she showed me her phone & began to swipe, I asked her why it took so long for her to bring the pictures up & she blamed it on network. I said wow these pictures are extraordinary is this your work, she gave me a big resounding YES.

She kept scrolling and I stopped her at a point. ‘Ahhh this is my cousin, you didn’t do her makeup, this was by XXX’ she laughed and said ‘Madam I know, this is for inspiration’

I told her to expect me on Saturday I’ll be there. Why do Nigerians pass of peoples work as their own? You will get to a salon & see images of Ciara, Alicia Keys or Beyoncé on the shop window as if it’s them that did the work.

Lagos ooo!!

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