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Am I expected to pay for my bridesmaids accommodation?


Is a bride expected to pay for the accommodation the night before the wedding for her bridesmaids? The money pot don dry up now oooo and having to add accommodation now is out of the question. But if you are asking people to be a part of your special day and travel from their homes should you be offering to pay. Or is it wrong to put them in a cheaper hotel up the road rather than the one you are staying in? I just don’t know what to do.

To be honest I already know the answer to this question but I thought I should just throw it open maybe there are some good suggestions. The oyinbos on Google are saying the bride is not responsible for paying for accommodation for the bridal train. She can help source a hotel but it’s no mandatory for her to pay. Whilst my black friends are saying it is customary for the bride to pay for the accommodation for her bridal party.

One of my bridesmaids received a blow to her head this week and I think it’s making her brain touch. She sent me a voice note on WhatsApp asking if I’m providing accommodation for the BM’s I told her I’m currently working on it but funds are really low at the moment but ill see what I can do.

She then sent another VN saying it’s imperative that I do provide accommodation because it’s the norm and that’s how it’s done. I was already starting to get irritated when she dropped one stupid line ‘ Oh by the way my fiancé will be coming to the wedding so can he be included in the accommodation as well’ The anger in me would have told her she is very stupid and she should go and look for accommodation for herself and her fiancé or better still, she shouldn’t bother being a BM anymore ( her fiancé lives in Ketu by the way, and the wedding is in Ikeja) But I changed that anger to holy anger and told her that it will not be possible to accommodate him as I’m still looking for funds for the bm’s

Hubby’s groomsmen are sleeping in their houses and meeting the groom at his house in the morning; guys don’t have time for all this paparazzi.

Should you pay for hotel rooms for the bridal party, even if you can’t afford to?

This isnt bad accommodation, we can pitch this at the wedding venue
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