From Bride To Wife, TNBO Experience

Excuse me mister, my name is BABY

‘Bukola, Bukola, Bukola where are you’ a voice was calling for me but I didn’t take any notice because excuse me O my name is BABY. I continued to hear Bukola; I thought it was Africa Magic Yoruba because again my name is BABY.

I continued to hear Bukola; I began to think maybe just maybe hubby was calling me. I went out to trace the voice and lo & behold na me hubby dey call.

I began to crack my head what did I do wrong ooo there had to be a reason why hubby was calling me by my full name. I had to think quickly so that I could have a response to his query & go fully armoured for battle but nothing came to mind.

Do you call your spouse by his name or nick name? I remember during counselling we were told to call each other pet names. I was told it was total disrespect to call my husband by his first name. The counsellor categorially said to me ‘There is no love when a wife calls her husband by his name’ I don’t really agree with her 100% however me myself I almost never call him by his actual name only when I’m upset with him or trying to make a point, it’s rare for me to use his name – I use endearments, and he does too.

I explained myself to hubby as to why I did what I did which resulted in him calling me Bukola, we were going back & forth until he pitched his closing statement ‘Look baby, I don’t like what you did….. WORLD STOP, did he just call me baby in the middle of an argument? There & then I gave him the final say, I waved my white flag & surrendered. He just called me baby again, he was no longer angry.


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