Drunk Wedding MC ruined reception

Drunk Wedding MC ruined reception
Drunk Wedding MC ruined reception

A few years ago, I attended a wedding in Lagos and let’s just say… It was a very interesting wedding. There was an open bar at the reception with unlimited drinks; guests were drinking champagne like they were drinking water. At the after party guests were sooooo wasted they used the bottles to spray on themselves.

Anyway that’s not the interesting part, the MC (very popular MC) got a bit carried away and decided to drink on the job. The MC at this wedding was very drunk, so drunk that he forgot that he was the MC for the day, he was way too busy chasing after women and dancing all over the place. The Best Man was frustrated from the amount of times he had to get him away from the bar.

This MC really felt entitled to the food and drink at the wedding, it’s almost as if he got paid to eat drink and have a good time, not for his services.

God knows how wasted he was, he finally went to the front to resume his role but he was so drunk he was swaying all over the place and slurring his words. He called the bride by a wrong name and was saying the dumbest things ever!!  It was such an embarrassing scene to see. I felt so sorry for the couple. The groom was not happy at all, his wife is super conservative and a ‘Jesus baby’ she was just speaking in tongues and pleading the blood of Jesus everywhere and she was really upset. It was sooo bad, the MC was so drunk; he couldn’t even stand by himself.

More than 5 times the MC had to be called back from the bar, it got so bad that the father of the groom had to step in and take on the MC duties while the father of the bride escorted the MC out of the premises.

That was the first time I had ever witnessed nonsense like that before. He got overly wasted at the wedding, openly hit on people’s wives, was dancing like a maniac, and loudly asking for food and drink as if it was his right.

I recently asked couple who linked them up with their MC, the bride said he came highly recommended from their wedding planner and they actually liked what they saw on Instagram from him. How much did he charge I asked; N250k (250,000 Naira = £540) Did you pay in full I asked; Yes we did…..


Diclamer: I found these images on google ooo, they are not pictures of the person in question

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