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When The DJ tries to pull a fast one



God of Adeboye please come through for me. A few hours before the wedding and the DJ wants to start doing styles. So Mr DJ came highly recommended to my hubby by one of his friends. Hubby met with him, and went to a few parties he was DJ’ing at to sample him. Hubby gave him the thumbs up and decided that we would be using him. Leading up to the finalisation stage (prior to any payment being made) he was so pleasant and understood our needs. A deposit was paid and we parted on good terms, until this week Tuesday when his remaining balance was paid and he went to the vendors meeting. He began to say nonsense that he will stop playing by 6pm that if we want him to play till 9/10pm we will have to pay extra money.


Maybe he suffers from amnesia, because before we booked him we told him it was a wedding we were using him for not for a 1 year old birthday party. After the vendors meeting, my wedding planner called me sharply to tell me what this guy was saying. Baffled and confused, hubby called the DJ to ask if he was feeling alright, maybe he had Malaria because we couldn’t understand what he was on about. Lie Joke like joke, he repeated the same statment that he will stop playing by 6pm and if we want him till 9/10pm we will have to pay more. Ahah…. Why was this guy acting as if this is his first time dj’ing at a wedding or event, common sense should tell him that he isn’t really needed till that 4/5pm, so he wants to collect that huge sum for just one hour. Kole Werk, Hubby made a few calls to some people, who made a few calls to him in which he called hubby back and said he will stay till 9.30pm.

Let’s wait and see what he will plan to do tomorrow, thank God the day is finally here. Never rely on word of mouth, or take the fact that someone came highly recommended that’s why you forgo contract signing. Even if you hire someone to wash your feet Biko sign contract, there are too many shady people out here.

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