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Dish the way to a man’s heart


I planned to cook Special fried rice and shredded Beef Oyster Sauce for hubby on Monday evening.

When I was in UK and I made this dish for my friends, their head scatter. I wanted hubby to sample this dish so his head can scatter also, I had a hidden agenda though, I wanted to ask him for something so I wanted the food to be a pacifier.

That morning I called an Uber and made my way to Spar in Ilupeju, luckily for me, there were some Chinese people also shopping for groceries, I went to them and asked for advice on the best ingredients to make for my Special Fried Rice & Beef Oyster Sauce. They took me to the condiments section and began putting ingredients in my basket.

I was smiling with them and at the same time using style to look at the prices of the things they put in my basket. When I left them I returned half of the ingredients back to the self, these people wanted to bankrupt me.

Anyway, I made my way home and started cooking, I was so proud and excited- Hubby will be eating a delicious continental dish and I’ll be able to ask for what I wanted.

When he came home, he could smell the aroma, I could already tell he liked what he smelt, I served him and he complimented the dish. I noticed however the compliment he gave wasn’t what I was expecting. He wasn’t excited, neither was he ecstatic. After doing the dishes, I asked him if he enjoyed the meal he said it was nice. ‘JUST NICE’??? AHHH, I decided to go ahead and ask him for what I wanted, his response was – We will see.

As we were getting ready to sleep, Hubby said ‘So you don’t want to make Nigerian dishes at all, I have been eating is International meals’ ahhh, the penny finally dropped. I said, Devil is a liar; I was only trying to take your taste buds overseas.

Next day I logged into Sisi Jemimah and looked for easy Nigerian dish that won’t scatter my brain. I opted for Ila Asepo and Eba. I served hubby that evening and asked him how his meal was. GREAT! AWESOME! Baby I didn’t know you could cook like this oo!! I popped my collar, brought out his Star beer and asked him for what I wanted again, this time around his answer was YES.

Moral of the story is – Chinese Rice will not get you what you want, Ila Asepo will.

Tonight on the menu is Poundo and Efo Riro…. There’s something else I need to ask for…..


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