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Do daughters grow up to be their mothers?

I have vivid memories of my mother always hurrying my dad up every Sunday because we would be late for church. She used to call prayers religiously whenever she felt like it. We would just finish having dinner & want to relax next thing we would hear is ‘Prayer Time’ Thursdays was the worst, that was the day my favourite TV show was on and she always called ‘Bible Study Time’ just as I was about to watch my show.

I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t make my husband & children go through that. But guess what…. I have already started too. Every Sunday morning, I am the one hurrying him up to church, every single minute I’m always calling ‘prayer time’. I didn’t notice until one day hubby asked me if I didn’t know anything else other than prayer, every single minute ‘Let us pray, let us pray’. It’s true; before he has a chance to relax I’m always shouting lets pray!

It was a strange moment; I only noticed it because he said something. But it made me realize how influential our parents really are.  I’m no phycologist, but I feel that the root of your behaviour is biological, although your own personality will influence your behaviour to some extent.


Do you see some of your mother in what you do?

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