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Customer Service In Nigeria is ridiculous

I guess it’s safe to say that customer service in Nigeria is so damn crap, rubbish, shit.

That’s how last week I walked into Slot in Ikeja City Mall because I wanted to purchase a phone. The attendant at the particular stand I went to wasn’t serving anybody, she was by her counter watching Love & Hip Hop on her phone eating meat pie & laughing loud.

I asked for her services and she responded with a ‘Yes’ without taking her eyes off her phone. I asked to see a particular Samsung model and she used her two lips to signal to me where to find it. I asked her if she was on her lunch break because I couldn’t understand the nonchalant attitude & disrespect she was giving me.

She asked me what I wanted still with her eyes glued to her phone. I was about to go from 0 to 100 real quick when one Baba behind me started raking for her. He asked her if this how they taught her to treat customers. ‘A customer is talking to you and your eyes are glued to your phone you are eating meat pie like a Maalu’

The word Maalu got her attention; she put down her phone & began to clap her hands thank God her manager was in sight.

I know it can’t just be me that feels the supposed “Customer Service” we receive from businesses in Nigeria is below par. Being polite and friendly is a basic expectation for employee’s serving-customers. It does not cost anything.

I remember walking into GT bank recently, the banking hall was jam packed, and I patiently stood in line of a long queue waiting to be attended to. In a few minutes I could feel the tension of people in line who were not satisfied with the way and manner the cashiers were attending to their job, right there African Magic began to take place. A lady who was being attended to couldn’t take the sluggishness of the reps, she started to voice out her displeasure, and soon everybody joined in.

Customer service in this country is a huge mess and something needs to be done about it. I can’t be paying for bad service.  The worst is when they say they don’t have change! You don’t have change like seriously???!! Don’t even get me started on the no change issue.

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