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How to curb your spouse’s SHOPRITE spending habit

I caught my husband checking out ‘How to curb your spouse’s spending habit’ on google. All this came about because I prefer going to Shoprite over the local market.

Anytime I head out to the supermarket, hubby always reminds me that whatever I can buy I can get in the market. No doubt some items are cheaper in the market, but most people like me, still choose ShopRite for other reasons like ease of shopping, superior quality, packaging etc.

For me, it’s a matter of choice, between shopping inside mud as you have in most of our markets (well in my market anyway) Parking, wahala, pull me there, pull me here, risk of pick-pockets, unruly sellers etc.  The little extra outweighs the inconvenience of regular markets.

When we are in Shoprite or Spar, I can just feel him sighing and he will make comments like, ‘We can get this cheaper in the market’ Yesterday we went to Spar and I picked up some goods, he said he wanted to go to the electronics and would meet me when I was done. That was a perfect opportunity to run wild and pick the things I needed and go to the till. I would have made it to the till and paid before he found me, but I was distracted by the pastry section, I didn’t know whether to choose a meat or chicken pie. That’s when my husband caught up with me; I could already sense him scanning my basket from a mile away. As he neared me, he asked to see what I had put in the basket…. Here we go again.

One by one he began to give me the price cost of each item in my basket for Mile 12 market. My happy basket of about 20 items reduced to 2 items by the time I got to the till, that included my Chicken pie.

Anyway, here were some steps I saw on the webpage to take if your spouse is overspending lol
1. Approach Your Spouse Lovingly
2. Set Up a Budget
3. Decide on How to Control Spending
4. Set Realistic Goals
5. Hold Regular Financial Meetings

All well and good, but meanwhile today I have a shopping list & im heading to the supermarket to pick them up. Don’t get me wrong, things like pepper, tomato I will not get in a supermarket because that doesn’t make sense to me. But convenience supersedes anything for me.



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