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Cornflakes & Milk is not breakfast to an African man


I hardly eat breakfast; in fact I don’t eat breakfast at all. Breakfast makes my stomach turn, I feel sick after eating breakfast, and although I know breakfast is the most important part of the day, I literally cannot stomach it. I just prefer to drink hot water and start my day.

On Saturday morning hubby said he was hungry and wanted me to fix him breakfast. I thought hmm me that I don’t eat breakfast what do I know that I can make for him. I decided to ask him what he wanted and he responded with ‘anything that won’t take long, nice & quick’.

Where I’m coming from anything that won’t take long is Cornflakes & Milk. I jumped up from the bed and got breakfast ready…. Cornflakes & Milk, I set the table and called hubby to come and eat. He was really impressed that I was able to whip something nice & quick in less than 7 minutes. As he approached the table the smile on his face began to fade little by little, he sat down and saw the Kellogg’s chicken staring at him to his left, to his right he saw a tin of Peak Milk and in front of him he saw St Louis sugar cubes. Confused he asked me where his breakfast was; I told him it was right in front of him with a huge smile on my face.


He looked me eyeball to eyeball and told me I was having a laugh. I didn’t see anything wrong in what I had done after all he wasn’t specific in what he wanted and he stressed on the point that it should be nice & quick.

At that point in time I too was becoming confused had I done something wrong? I asked him if he would prefer Coco Pops or Golden Morn instead. He walked away and went into the room, I followed him and asked him for his preferred meal, again he said something nice & quick… ahhh I exclaimed what the heck is nice & quick? I left him and went to talk to Google. I typed in nice & quick Nigerian breakfast dishes; Yam & Egg was the first thing that jumped out at me. Luckily we had all the ingredients at home. I boiled yam and made egg sauce, this time I served hubby the food in his room, I could already see the frown on his face disappearing and a smile trying to crack through.

I had finally satisfied my husband. On Saturday, I found out that nice & quick meant Yam &Egg and not Cornflakes & Milk…… ahhh from Bride to Wife!


Boiled yam with tomato egg stew


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