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Chief bridesmaid dilemma!

When I got engaged one of my close friends turned into my hype lady. For a month straight she kept shouting up and down the place 
” omg your wedding is going to be litttttttttt” “Bella naija will beg you to carry the wedding”  ” we are going to slay to another kind of level” she then later went on to say “I sha hope I’m your CB?” 

Regardless of whether she hinted to be my CB or not, I would have still asked her to be my CB.
My issue now is this: after all that hype there has been no action to reflect the talk. 
I am getting married in 5 months and so far my chief bridesmaids has not helped me with anything! I have to be the one to keep chasing her to do things to which she will reply ” she doesn’t think it’s the right time” or ” she doesn’t agree with me” My dear I’m getting married in 5 months, the right time was 2 months ago!
She is not proactive at all. I’m starting to think that she thinks being a chief bridesmaid just means she gets to wear a pretty dress and walk down the isle. Or maybe she wants to sell her market.
I’ve mentioned things that need to be done like finding a designer, dress design,shoes,accessories, make up artist etc etc she has never come with any suggestion at all, . 
I need some help, I can’t and shouldn’t be doing this on my own. I shouldn’t be the one chasing bridesmaids for deposit.
 I’m at the point where I’m ready to tell her I don’t want her part of the wedding.
I feel like I shouldn’t need to tell her how to be a chief bridesmaid and what is expected of her since she nominated herself in the first place. 

I’m getting frustrated and I don’t want to turn into a bridezilla but I need help!

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