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Can I re-gift Items from my wedding?


As much as we stressed monetary gifts only at our wedding, we still got lots of physical gifts. In fact the gifts were so much, we were wondering what we were going to do with them all. The most common gifts we received were pots, buckets, cutlery, China plates, and water bottle & food warmers. We also received random gifts like 4 boxes of Chinese slimming tea (we all know who that was from) and a pack of pregnancy tests and condoms….… YUP

Our wedding gifts, in addition to the Eru Iyawo my family delivered to me 3 weeks ago, was so overwhelming that we only just got round to looking through and sorting things out last weekend.

As we were going through all the gifts our guests had thoughtfully given us, opening boxes and ripping off wrapping paper, I was already thinking of a name for a shop because we received more than enough items to start a business.

What do you do when you receive 3 blenders, 5 pot sets, 20 rechargeable lamps, 30 different shaped plastic containers, and plates upon plates upon tumblers? I ask myself the question… Can I re-gift Items from my wedding?

I feel like you can re-gift items from your wedding. Lots of people have re- gifted items, as long as they weren’t personalized for you, I don’t think it should be a problem. … So re-gift only if you think the item is a good fit for the recipient.  If possible, regift outside your social circle. Also, be sure to remove any cards or notes that were on the gift when you received it.

The only problem with re-gifting is that, you never know if the original giver will find out. I know I received a re-gift, someone gifted me lace material that had already been roughly cut out of.

What are your thoughts, would you regift?

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