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Can I wear jeans to my wedding reception?


I have my traditional wedding outfit sorted, my civil wedding outfit sorted and my wedding dress sorted. Now it’s time for ‘Operation Killer Reception Dress’.  I have no idea what style I am going for and this is getting on my nerves.

I spend most of my time and internet data on the Instagram page to source for styles.There are some badass styles there, but then when I show my mother or MOH, the only feedback I get is ‘why do you want to copy someone else’s style’ or ‘this dress is not wow enough’ or ‘ You can do better than this’

I wrote a post a few days ago on how to outshine the bride on her wedding day, and the possible mental and physical pressures a bride may receive because she wants to look the best on her day.

Gosh trying to come up with a dress for my reception is giving me quite the headache. I purposely watched the recent Oscar Award show to see if I can get any dress inspirations from the celebs. I saw a dress I liked which was worn by Chrissy Teigen. I immediately sent it to my tailor on WhatsApp and within 2 mins she replied saying ‘my dear this style will soon be over used’.  Like joke like joke a few days after brides had already copied the style for their wedding. Someone even used it for their pre wedding shoot … oshe baddest!

I am aware that my second outfit change doesn’t have to be a dress, it could be a jumpsuit, skirt and blouse, shirt and jeans *side eye*, or just take the easiest route out and don’t bother changing at all.

I want to change though because my wedding dress is really ball gown like and I want to be able to turn up properly at the reception. DJ and Live band didn’t get paid that much for me to just do one small 2 step dance, I need my people to spray me the honeymoon  moneyyyyy so I need to dancelike never  before.  Every shackle holding me down be removed now, that includes wedding dress (I jk I jk). So yeah I want to change to another outfit that I can be more comfy and free to move around in.

I have a designer friend who keeps sending me all these crazy out of this world couture style dresses. She keeps saying I need to slay, I need to shut down, I need to kill ( I won’t kill anyone in Jesus name) …. I’m thinking naaa babes I just want to be myself and be free. But in me being myself and picking a style that reflects me, I’m being told it’s not WOW enough.

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