My Brother-in-Law Stops By Unannounced

Last week I was catching up with a friend who recently got married. She mentioned that everything was rosy but she had major issues with her in-laws. I asked if it was ‘Mother in Law I want a grandchild now’ issue but she said it was worse than that.

Her brother in law visits her home at least 5 times a week. He never calls to ask if it is a good time to visit. He always stops by unannounced and uninvited.

If she is in the middle of cooking dinner, she either has to make more food to feed her brother in law or put the dinner on hold till he leaves. It is obvious that they are getting ready to eat, but he doesn’t get the message to leave. Her & hubby will sit there hungry until he decides to go home.

One day they were walking out the door to leave and he showed up and they had to postpone their plans. When they’re in the Promised Land nko? They’ve been interrupted by him when they were intimate.

Before they got married, her husband and his brother were very very close, like 5 & 6 close. They would always hang out after work together; he would be at her hubby’s place or her hubby at his place. But now they are married there are some things that need to change right?

This is causing an issue between the couple because her hubby doesn’t see the big deal in his brother coming round and feels my friend doesn’t like his family.

How does she make her husband understand that his brother’s constant visits are a nuisance without hurting hubby’s feelings? For me personally, five visits a week is not too much, it’s OVERBOARD & she needs to speak up about it before it gets worse.

What’s the best remedy for unwanted guests, especially if they are your in-laws?

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3 thoughts on “My Brother-in-Law Stops By Unannounced

  1. First, she has to make her bus and understand why his brother should inform them before he comes over. Then, I think she should encourage her husband (gently) to tell his brother to call every time before coming over. Even if he happens to be “In the area” he should just call. Since the brothers are close, the husband should know how to talk to his bro without offending him.

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