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Bring out that machete and cut that list


One thing my fiancé and I have had to do to accommodate our budget is painfully slash our guest list. We initially wanted to accommodate 1000 guests (don’t ask me why, I don’t think between both families we know 1000 people) 50 of which would probably be my friends. But reality is kicking in and we gats to do what we gats to do.

No matter how we tried to keep within our budget, we kept noticing that this was not possible because of the amount of people we wanted to invite. Omo sharp sharp we decided to wield our pen as a hatchet and butcher the list into shape. We even began to look for excuse as to why we shouldn’t invite some people, for example she didn’t wish me happy birthday last year LOL! We had to do all we could do to get within (and possibly under) budget and the only way we could achieve this was to reduce the guest list.

There are a few months left till our wedding after which will go on honeymoon, furnish the house, try to start a business, heck kids may even come immediately… we have to pick our priorities because we need money to start our lives.

Way too many couples empty their bank account for a wedding day and don’t think about life after.We had to figure out what is more important to us, a grand and overpriced wedding or a happy and comfortable life after the wedding?

So now, our guest list has been slashed to 500 which is amazing because now our costs have now been slashed. Of course there were moans and complaints from parents who were upset when their invitation  cards were reduced from 300 guests to 150 guests.

We have also opted to using some vendors that are not popular because we found out they can do the job equally as good as the overhyped vendors. Again, it’s all about priorities… do you want the BM Pros and 2706s of this world to put your pics on Instagram at the expense of breaking your bank account or would you rather go for someone who probably only has 300 followers and can do nothing for you on social media but will give you a baddass wedding and you save some money in your pocket? (No shade to BM Pros and 2706 abeg)

You may feel bad about cutting people, but the reality is, it’s one of the surest ways to save lots of money and have the wedding of your dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Bring out that machete and cut that list

  1. The trick to ours is that we’re not using any of those popular IG vendors. My wedding don’t have to be IG popular abeg, no money, when after a week people already forgot I had an extravagant wedding.

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