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I know every Make up Artist hates to hear this question, and I’m probably going to step on some toes with this post but I’m going to ask it any way. WHY IS BRIDAL MAKE UP SO DAMN EXPENSIVE?

 I came across a popular MUA on Instagram and asked about the price of her services, she said she’ll do my wedding makeup for N 300,000 only. She even had guts to put ‘only’ at the end, N300k is £620 $787 (todays rate via I mean that’s too expensive for makeup and most people have actually complained about how rude and mean she can be. I really wanna know, why so expensive?

And to further add insult to my injury, she wants to charge an additional 5k per hour for touch up; as I was reading the email my eyes began to water.

Even before I could start to consider, my hubby called me that there is a newly built property available for us to buy with a deposit of 200k only! I began to do tug of war in my mind, 300k for make up or 200k deposit for house. My people, I’m sure you know what choice I went with.

When some people are using 300k to do Traditional wedding, court wedding and church wedding, some people are using the same 300k for makeup, anyway if you can afford it that’s fine.

Everybody wants to hammer from one customer and forget that repeat business is key; some people may say the products used are expensive, ok cool I accept that, but please is the makeup artist going to finish all the products on one customer.


Please I want to seriously know why Bridal makeup is so expensive; I need to be enlightened maybe I’m being ignorant but if you dont ask you will never know.

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