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The battle of the Pots , who survives

“Wouldn’t replacing this plate drainer make our kitchen look a whole lot different, after all its already chipping away?”

“The plate drainer we have is just fine; moreover I just got it last year”

“It looks old”

“It still holds & drains our plates, doesn’t it?”

A typical conversation between le hubs & I

I recently decided to throw so many things away in the house, things I thought were old and needed replacing. Bad move…. I never knew there was a Time & Place to do such things.

Time & Place = When husband has gone to work and would not be back for a few hours.

Hubby came to find me & see what I was up to, he noticed I was sweating, things were unboxed and a big black bag was in the corner of the room. What are you doing he asked. ‘Oh just revamping the house & throwing things away’ I replied.

Hubby went through the black bag to see what items I decided to throw away. I threw away a welcome mat which looked like it had served a need in World War 3. I threw away cushions that thread started coming undone, and so many different things.

Hubby said ‘No no no, you can’t just throw away my things; I spent good money on them. They are in good condition & nothing is wrong with them’

Oga had spoken; I had to return them to their original place.

There were some 555 stainless steel pot that I HAD to throw away because they were already chipped & burnt inside and I wanted to replace with my non-stick pots. He refused and said he just bought the pots I should leave them. Me too I refused and told him the health benefits of using nonstick pots as opposed to cheap aluminium pots. He sha said I should leave his pots that it was with his sweat and hard earned money that he bought them last year. So I decided to leave his pot side by side to my big daddy pot to intimidate his 555 stainless steel pot. One day I went out and when I got home I noticed that my pot had been used to cook Indomie. I said nothing but laughed inside.

As I was preparing dinner I wanted to pull out his pot to prepare his food when he came in and told me to use my pots because he noticed that food doesn’t burn in my pots.

My God doesn’t sleep nor slumber…. Who’s laughing now ;)?

So what I have decided to do now is when he is not home I throw things away. To help hide the fact that I have thrown things away I rearrange things in the house too. I have a box hidden in the spare room -kind of a holding tank. I will move things there for a period of 6 months-and if hubby doesn’t miss it, I will throw /give it awaypot

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