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How To Avoid Photo Fatigue At Your Wedding


I saw this image on Instagram and I just laughed. Over the weekend I was working with my mum on the order of service for the church ceremony and reception. When we got to the order of photography I was shocked to see the number of different categories listed for hubby and I to take pictures with, all in all there were 32 categories, Nigerian Weddings!

Things like immediate family and friends, grooms parents, friends, work colleagues etc. are fine. But I started seeing categories like ‘grooms mum’s secondary school friends’ ‘college friends of brides mum’ Like reallllllyyyyyyyyyy.

I don’t actually like taking pictures, that’s probably why I have about 5 pics on my personal Instagram page. I’m seriously dreading the photo session, everything always takes longer than expected, the average time to get people to take pictures is roughly 5 minutes and I’m probably talking 5 people, 9-15 people = 7 minutes, so as you can see it soon adds up, having 20 – 32 group shots  could take us well into 2 hours.

6 or fewer groups I believe is ideal, any more group shots are likely to leave you board.  Apart from the couple standing in the sun for the duration of the photo session, we have guests who will be waiting in the reception; I don’t think that it is right.

Are group shots with your mum’s college friends exciting? NO! Are the really important shots? I DON’T KNOW! Yes it’s traditional to have a shot of EVERYONE who has attend the wedding, but really are you going to put these photos on your wall? NO

My recommendation is to keep your list of group shots short.  Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to exclude your favourite uncle from your family photos. Just think about what photos you might actually end up framing and use that as a guide.  But how easy is this in a Nigerian setting? I told my mum that I won’t be able to do more than 5 group shoots, she asked me if I’m feeling ok and told me I didn’t have respect lol!

Help me GOD!!


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