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How do you ask for money you were promised?

wedding money

So basically I had 3 uncles and 4 church members who asked me to send them my bank account details. This happened like 2 months ago and not one of them have deposited a dime into my account. One of the aunties dodged me yesterday in church I was just greeting her how far and she said I should see her after service. As we were saying the grace our eyes locked and next thing I know aunty had collected her Prada bag and left the church… someone that usually stays behind in church to gist.

Ahhhhh!  I didn’t ask for a dime from anyone they came to me willingly and out of the goodness of their hearts and just told me to send my account details to them. I very excitedly and graciously sent my account details 5 days after, of course I had to do styles so it wouldn’t seem as if I was desperate.

Here I am exactly 2 months after and none of them have deposited anything.

Very foolishly and the ojukokoro in me, has upgraded the budget of our wedding based on these empty promises and now I am paying out-of-pocket more than I expected because the promises haven’t been fulfilled.

Hubby can’t even hear about this, so let me just suffer the consequences because he will ask me why I’m budgeting with invisible money

When it comes to money issues I always shy away, but them not giving me what they said they would, is something else.

What do I do? Do I keep raising their names in the olowogbogboro challenge or confront. Like how do I ask for the money without sounding like I’m in dire need or make anyone feel uncomfortable? Especially as aunty Prada is now dodging me in church.


Or maybe they will come through after the wedding, hmmm that wouldn’t be so bad actually!

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