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How Do You Ask For Monetary Gifts For Your Wedding?

monetary gifts

How do you ask for monetary gifts for your wedding?

Confession time! Whenever I saw the phrase ‘What we’d really like is a monetary gifts’ on any wedding invitations I would snub it and wonder what kind of person would ask for money on their wedding invitation, surely if you don’t have money then you shouldn’t get married (those were my young and ignorant days)

Fast-forward a few years later and I’m not ashamed to say I have turned into one of those people. At my traditional wedding we received so many pots, food warmers, bedsheets, Ankara material, picture frames, toasters and sets of tumblers. Although highly appreciated there were too many duplicate gifts and nothing extremely beneficial to us.  Gone are the days when newlyweds end up with duplicate gifts, pots and plastic go full house, abeg.

If you and your spouse-to-be have enough kettles, blenders and towels, I believe asking for cash is the wisest and natural way to go. The issue now is how do I ask for cash instead of wedding gifts without offending the guests or looking like a tramp? I suppose getting the wording right is the most important thing. For me It’s definitely a delicate issue and one that the couple have to decide upon, whether they feel comfortable with it or not.

Discussing this with hubby, he suggested we call all our affluent family members and put it to them that we would like them to give us a cash gift to start our lives with. However my experience with that uncle who has refused to pick my call put me off that option.

How about stating it on the invitation cards instead I suggested, it’s not an unusual practise anymore anyway, and to be honest we are not actually ASKING our guests to give us money. We are simply just saying to them that, should they wish to give us a gift, money is what we would like

I don’t feel there is anything wrong in it as long as you’re tasteful about it.


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