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Anyone else get wedding envy….?


Ok, so I have a confession and I’m sure I’m not alone…. So recently I have been going through the ‘wedding envy’ phase!! There I said it *covers face*

Surely I can’t be alone; you scroll through your Instagram feed and see the latest hottest wedding that happened over the weekend. You go on the popular wedding blog (not mentioning names) and see people spending millions of £,$,N on elaborate weddings, some weddings have even turned into clubs and there you are with your small budget looking for means to hustle to get the dream wedding you want that will break the internet.

You know there was a time I had to unfollow literally every wedding profile on Instagram before I die of jealousy.

But now I have realised that our wedding day will just be that…..OUR DAY! It will be exactly how we want it, and what we want. I’ve never been the type of person who tries to keep up with the Jones, I’m one to stay in my lane, everybody wants to belong to that top class status in everything they do mostly weddings. But to be sincere it’s very easy to get carried away if we don’t control our selves…

So I gained control of my thoughts and slapped myself back to reality, and now I want to think out loud.

Please please please, remember that Not All That Glitters is Gold.
Working in the media industry has taught me a lot about the realities of celebrity weddings and marriage. Just because you think that someone is in the best relationship, because her husband bought her a fat diamond engagement ring, doesn’t mean she really is. Don’t confuse someone’s material wealth for emotional stability.

In my lifetime I’ve been to about 50 weddings, and to be honest I can’t really remember every bit of detail. So we spend all this money, time, energy trying to outshine and have the best wedding possible only for the day to be forgotten by your guests and only remembered by you and your husband because you are the ones who paid for it.

The wedding day is a moment; it is a 5 or 6 hour long party and usually a 12-16 hour long day. All I hear from brides that went through it is how fast it went and how much they feel they missed. The day can easily become a blur. To put so much pressure on one day to be the most important day ever and then have it fly by where you can’t remember the details, is setting yourself up for disaster

Wedding Envy is running rampant, and this nasty syndrome makes you competitive and unhappy and anxious. It makes you do crazy  were ( mad in Yoruba)  things like run up a huge credit card bill just to keep up with the proverbial Joneses!

I’m less than eight months away from being a bride, but now I’m thinking less about that role and more about the new one I will have to fulfil as a wife. Brides (me included) can become engrossed in wedding plans, and I feel that we need to remember this journey is about the rest of our lives, not just one day.  I am now thinking, i don’t really care what anyone else thinks, it’s our day and if no one likes how we do things, Tough!!

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  1. I recently got engaged and my wedding is coming up. I live abroad and the stress of planning a wedding is starting to crawl up on me. I plan on hiring a planner but I’m not from a rich family and I obviously cannot afford a ridiculously expensive planner. I’m going to see one next week and if she gives me a reasonable price, I’ll hire her. If not, I’m going to have to rely on my family and friends to help out with the planning. The venue is sorted out already. Happy planning fellow bride-to-be.

    1. Congratulations on your engagement Hun! Wedding planning can be stressful and hiring a wedding planner will ease the stress.However, my thing about wedding planners is how ridiculously expensive they are. At least the venue is out of the way. Wish you the best in your wedding planning dear xoxo

  2. I always slap myself back to reality too. I know that I cannot afford all those Instagram weddings, we’ll be cutting our coats according to our sizes. Our wedding budget is 3 million naira and if anyone is not satisfied with that, they should go and hand. After all my introduction ceremony was bigger than one of my cousin’s wedding. There will always be a bigger and elaborate wedding than one’s, why the stress. And thankfully it’ll be happening in Ibadan and not the almighty Lagos where prices of stuff are double the price.

    1. Lol @ ‘if anyone is not satisfied with that, they should go and hang’. you are my kind of girl lol. People tend to forget there is something called LIFE after the wedding. I would love to know how youre getting on with wedding planning x

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