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A reminder to myself

As I lay in bed, my mind starts to wander and think about a million different things at once (all wedding related of course)

I begin to get agitated and stressed “why hasn’t Tope my Chief Bridesmaid asked the bridesmaids for their dress size” ” why hasn’t Wendy my MOH come back to me on what I should wear for my pre wedding shoot” ” why hasn’t my designer sent me pictures of my dress”        ” why hasn’t my cousin confirmed if the dj is coming with his own equipment ” why why why…….

……..Breath girl Breath! Look, just because I’m getting married doesn’t mean life is on pause mode for everyone else. There was life before I got engaged and life will continue after I get married.

Things will fall into place in a timely manner. I have an amazing support system which consist of family and friends who find time between their 9-5 job, school and family commitments to still attend to my needs.

It may not be at the pace that I want it to be, but they are doing a jolly good job! I must remember and appreciate that ‘life’ must carry on and no one will put their life on hold for me.

At the end of it all, everything is going to be super-duper. Good night


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