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After 2 years i finally have a bank account


After Years and Years of GT Bank’s wahala, I finally managed to open an account and get my bank card. Thank God that plight is now over. If it isn’t an issue with signature, it’s an issue with BVN, if it isn’t an issue with my account being dormant; it’s an issue with reactivating my account. KILODEEE!! I got so annoyed with GT Bank I told them to close my account and let me go elsewhere. They refused and said if I closed my account I would not be able to open an account anywhere else because I’m only allowed to have one BVN in my lifetime. Can you imagine!! Even with all the nonsense BVN they’re shouting and forming strict about, there is still money laundering and fraud in the country.

Anyway I just want to Shallat my God for giving me patience to endure this tiresome and tedious process of opening a bank account in Nigeria. Nigerians also need to get their customer service right, how do you think you will be efficient by serving four different customers at the same time. Why can’t it be one customer to one attendant why must we hover and interject and just be impatient GOSH!!

After all the ogas in the company do travel abroad and they see the type of order that is implemented over there, so why can’t they covert the good they see abroad. Nigerian banks have got to be one of the most frustrating, time wasting things ever! Something that should take 15 -30 mins to open with the right documents, took me over 2 hours and I had the right documents! On top of all the wahala they put me through, the madam now said I need to pay N1050 to get a bank card…. Welcome to Nigeria Bukky.

I just remembered I forgot to request for my online banking… sigh! At this rate I’m willing to forgo activating it because I really can do without the stress!

Nigerian Banks, you can do better! P.S why do Nigerians call a bank card an ATM?


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3 thoughts on “After 2 years i finally have a bank account

  1. I think it’s short for “ATM card”. Banks have been the most frustrating part of my move back to Nigeria. I don’t understand why they’re so complicated.

  2. Hmmm, I’m still settling in but I’m finding that I really have to change my expectations. I wanted to live in a certain part of town but I realized that there’s more to an area than whether it is ‘fancy’ or not. Even the weather has to be considered when deciding where to live. I’ve had to rely a lot on my husband to let me know how things work in Nigeria because I’m apparently not street-smart lol.

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