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The demanding, controlling & intruding MIL

My wife my wife, any other wife is a counterfeit. One of the most annoying adverts on Nigerian TV is the hypo bleach advert.

The advert shows a mother in law inspecting her son’s whole house, prancing around with her high shoulder and smug look on her face looking for an iota of dirt, whilst her daughter in law is behind her watching and waiting for her conclusion.

When she couldn’t find anything, she turns to her daughter in law and hails her saying ‘my wife my wife, any other wife is a counterfeit’ The Mumu daughter in law is happy and goes to hug her MIL. You can just tell she is a controlling MIL.

In many families, the mother-in-law is jokingly referred to as the “monster-in-law.”

This past weekend I had a visit from a friend. She’s been with her husband for almost 2 years but needed to get away for a few days: her mother-in-law had been staying with her for 3 months and she was at the end of her rope.

She called her MIL a meddling woman who is demanding, controlling, and intrudes into her son’s life. Just like Mama Hypo.

If you google how to handle your MIL the things that comes up is ‘Exercise patience, keep boundaries, be polite, don’t take it personal.

I guess it easier said than done, but you have to remember your relationship with your mother-in-law is one that is going to last a long, long time. The more you can do to make it blossom whilst keeping boundaries, the better!

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