From Bride To Wife, TNBO Experience

What I have learnt in marriage so far


Today marks 4 months of marriage for me. In the little time I have been married I have learnt a whole lotta stuff about myself & marriage. I decided to share some points that have got me through this journey so far, here are 4 points a point for each month:



As you know, there are moments in any relationship where you disagree and argue (usually over something stupid). It happens, and in the heat of the moment, it can feel like the worst fight you’ve ever had. It doesn’t help that I’m also very stubborn and don’t like to back down in an argument, especially if I think I’m right. But my mother gave us some great advice the night we got married: “Never go to bed angry with each other.”

Those simple words stuck with me, and even when I really don’t want to resolve anything, I will hear her voice in my head. I also find that when we don’t sort things out, my prayers at night don’t really flow well.


On occasions we have a difference of opinion, we usually find a middle ground, and if we can’t resolve it, we agree to disagree. We respect each other’s opinion even if we don’t comply with it because we fundamentally respect each other. It’s important to stand back and take your partners viewpoint into consideration because sometimes you might surprise yourself and learn something new.


It’s true that sex fosters intimacy, but just try praying together. There is no better way to show your vulnerability to one another than by baring your souls together before God. It also invites God’s ongoing participation in your life as a couple


Forgive, Forgive & forgive again. Don’t keep a record of wrongs. Then forgive some more.

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