London To Lagos, TNBO Experience

My makeup artist shaved my eyebrows!


Happy new week guys! The last few days have been real busy I travelled to Ilesha in Osun State for hubby’s grandma’s burial. It was my first time attending a burial so it was an interesting & overwhelming experience.

I got to Ilesha and my Spectranet (Internet modem) stopped working which was a bummer for me so I couldn’t upload. I needed a Makeup artist, and since my internet was down it meant I couldn’t go online to source for one myself.  I was suggested one of the best in Ilesha, I was quite sceptical because well, it’s Ilesha *covers face*

The MUA came round and she looked well packaged, I inspected her makeup products and she had some known impressive products so I was at ease a bit.

She started by doing my eyebrows and I noticed she was taking longer than usual in shaping the brows. I warned her that she shouldn’t remove my brows because I can’t work with skinny brows. She responded- ‘no problem ma they are still the same size I’m just shaping them’ unfortunately for me there were no mirrors in the room so I couldn’t see what was going on.

She finished my face & she did an ok job & charged me N2, 000, the only thing I had to change was the nonsense ‘wet look’ lips she gave me.

When the event finished I washed my face and got the shock of my life. MY EYEBROWS WERE GONE!

She shaved off more than half of my eyebrows; my eyebrows are now super skinny. I don’t even know how to work with these eyebrows. Me that have issues on a normal day working with my eyebrows it’s now eyebrows that have gone on a diet that I should be working with.

I’m currently using coconut & castor oil to try and grow them back ASAP! They need to grow back before Christmas. In fact I may just have to go and do a hairstyle with a long fringe to cover my eyebrows.

I’m stressed out, I should just done my face myself Sigh!

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